Why are other signs jealous of Capricorns success?

Show me a Capricorn, and I’ll show you someone who has worked hard for their success. Anyone can work hard if they want, so I don’t get the jealousy when Capricorn is so successful in life?
Thank you. I believe all signs can be successful, so that’s never held me back. I’m not a Capricorn, but I have several planets in that sign. I’m wondering about the hating I’m seeing on Capricorns in particular.


  1. PicturePerfect says:

    Congratulations to your success.

  2. procession says:

    who cares. it is a capricorn you’re talking about. some are.some aren’t. you can’t fake your success. that’s for sure.

  3. _ says:

    I’m not a jealous type though I admire their driven ambition to complete tasks. They’re also known to be very practical and action oriented which I admire. I wish to be more like them so I can succeed in life.

  4. NewUser says:

    I don’t think jealous is the right way to be, even if that’s the zodiac sign you are born to act as… though I think everyone wants a piece of the pie and won’t settle for nothing

  5. Soldier says:

    I’ve never needed to fake my successes. Nor have I ever cared if people are jealous. You can’t stop people from coveting and feeling that way… God tried with the 10 commandments and it didn’t work for Him, either. I certainly don’t stand around waiting for other people to fail, that’s absurd. When people around you succeed, you also succeed. Any leader can tell you that.


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